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Dieter Brencher

Individual success concepts need IT solutions that are at least as unique. For more than 25 years, I have been advising large and medium-sized companies in the field of SAP©. This, not only on a strategic and operational level, but also as a partner on the way to success.



My range of services covers the entire cycle of IT
as a project and operations manager


Successfully completed projects with well-known national and international customers/leaders.


Living partnerships makes it possible to solve complex challenges in the SAP environment.

My claim:
A fast implementation and high quality in IT. Createing a competitive & technological edge.


My range of services covers the entire cycle of IT implementations through to IT operations. The focus here is to apply proven concepts and processes in a stringent alignment of your customer requirements. Methodical consulting services will increase your performance. On the way, we will achieve rapid adjustments to new market conditions for your commercial success. Below you will find an extract from my range of services:

SAP Project Support

In 25 years of experience, I have experienced the development of IT and SAP® software from the ground and have practical experience from numerous SAP implementations and optimizations.

So, I can offer you comprehensive support in all areas of IT. From classical administration to modern solution findings for IT systems to the redesign and optimization of settings. This applies to both project life and daily IT operations. I can help you to implement best practice recommendations, and I will find individual solutions exactly for your company.

I would be happy to configure and administer for you locally, on request remotely, and I do have a clear insight into the offers of the IT product market. This allows me to weigh up what other products in the market can compete with and then find the optimal solution for you. Please contact me!

Project- and Process-Management

As a certified project manager in general (International Project Management Association) and in particular for SAP (according to ASAP® and SAP Solution Manager with SAP Activate®), I initiate, plan, control, and complete projects. Procedures are standardized and can be completed on request according to the guidelines of the established methods in your company.

In process management, as a complementary counterpart to project management, processes will be standardized and structured in order to achieve the desired business goals efficiently, which are often not processed in the form of projects. Here I am certified to PRINCE2®, which sees project management (as a special case of processes) also as part of process management (process-oriented project management).

For your optimal project management, please contact me!

Management Consulting (ad interim)

As a senior professional consultant, I also offer transitional representation for IT executives in IT groups and departments. In addition, for project managers, program managers and also for executives outside the IT area. I see myself as a temporary supporter within the organization.

Together with you and the management, I develop the mid-term business vision and perspective to determine how we can support the ongoing or planned change process. Afterwards, I take over the operational responsibility immediately and solve your and thus the customer-specific tasks quickly and goal-oriented.

Numerous assignments in national and international companies enable me to succeed in multi-lingual organizations and certifications. They help at home and abroad with a professional handling of teams and culturally different approaches. If you need assistance in management support, please contact me!

Agile Software Development

Agile management is based primarily on flexibility. This leadership and organizational concept starts exactly where many classic management systems are suffering and increasingly encountering problems.

Using agile software development is an opportunity to leverage requirements and solutions through collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional teams. It advocates adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and promotes rapid and flexible responses to change.

As Scrum master and practicing Kanban specialist, we’ll quickly adopt new solutions for you. If you need support and advice in this areas, please contact me!

Agile Operations Management (DevOps)

DevOps is a software development methodology that aims to standardize software development (development) and software operations (operations). This leads to increased flexibility.

The key feature of the DevOps alignment is to be heavily involved in automation and monitoring in all steps of software design. From concept, integration, testing, to sharing, to deploying automated infrastructure management.

My customer deployments at DevOps were focused on shorter development cycles, increased deployment frequency, and more reliable versions that were always implemented in close alignment between development and operations. If you need support in this environment, please contact me!

Security & Regulation Management

Security for SAP® solutions is not limited to users and their authorization roles. Secure hardware and software settings are needed to efficiently protect systems, and I have gained extensive knowledge in both areas.

In addition, the requirements of auditors must be taken into account and maintained. In particular, the topic of logging access by database administrators has been a topic for quite some time and can also be adjusted in line with expectations. Feel free to contact me to find out more about S SAP® security solutions and please contact me!

Roll Out Planning and Execution

A roll out is a special project that applies changes to a large number of target installations in an identical way. Large projects are often not carried out with a so-called "BIG BANGs", but in a temporal and often geographical sequence.

The advantage of a possibly lower risk and less punctual effort often preclude increased planning requirements. The result of a roll-out is identical and comparable to its master installation, and may differ only in some local variations, such as Adding a different language or special handling of country-specific legal requirements for international roll outs.

I have successfully accompanied Roll Outs in numerous international projects and can actively assist you in planning and execution. If you need support in this environment, please contact me!

Release Management

Not only for SAP but for the full software portfolio within an enterprise a proper strategy and methodology for release management and software life-cycle management is needed. And in times of cloud computing a professional and stringent release management gains more and more importance when there will be uncountable independent software components talking dynamically to each other.

Especially in times of cloud working, professional and stringent release management becomes more and more important when there are many dependent software components that communicate dynamically with each other.

SAP® interface management and release management tools from SAP® Solution Manager® can also simplify operation in your company. I like to share my extensive experience with you; Just write to me and contact me!


The migration of software and servers is a special variant in IT change management. In general, this means changing the technology of a significant and critical component throughout the application conglomerate. The challenge is to ensure that there are no undesirable effects on other areas of IT and the business, and that the transition does not lead to a reduction in business performance.

In numerous projects, I acted as change manager, and I also accompanied and controlled both homogeneous and heterogeneous migrations. Migrations to SAP HANA® and SAP S / 4HANA® are the priority topics in which I can support your company. If you need to migrate, please contact me!

Project Rescue

Long before the final fail of a project, there are often signs that announce a critical situation. Status messages that are simply missing or incomplete, missing project goals, agitated employee minds, blame, unclear responsibilities, all pointing to and in the pitfalls Cases may be necessary to rescue a project.

But nobody has to panic here. Together, we reorganize the project, eradicate mistakes and ensure that everything runs smoothly again. With the experience from many projects I have developed the following method: A) project analysis, B) presentation of findings, C) plan of solution, D) adoption of the new procedure and E) renewed Kick Off.

If you see a need in your project, please contact me!

Offshore Management

For global companies, it is often a smart strategic decision to spread their IT activities and use dedicated offshore services. It should be noted that working with distributed teams in an onsite offshore model requires special management skills, a dedicated offshore methodology, and good training of all team members, since working with remote teams is significantly different from working with one or more Teams on site differs and cultural conditions are taken into account.

In several projects I have accompanied and steered the outsourcing of different sub-disciplines and different processes to other countries in order to achieve cost savings due to lower labor costs or tax savings in the outsourced country. Having access to talented and specialized services from around the world at a lower cost of ownership can be an issue for you as well, and I am happy to assist you; Feel free to contact me!


Modern IT is so diverse that a company, no matter how big, most often can’t independently manage all IT-related services. It may be advisable to outsource non-core IT activities to external specialists. With the new trend in cloud computing, the need to work hand in hand with outsourcing partners is also greatly enhanced.

I am happy to take over the complete management and necessary activities in the management, by already in the negotiation of a fair outsourcing contract, the planning and implementation of the transfer of services participate and define the required measuring instruments (KPIs) and monitor. In order to ensure compliance with service level agreements, it is worthwhile to consider compliance with standards such as ISO 20000 or ISO 27000.

I have worked as a service manager in numerous operational projects and can offer you extensive support with a wealth of experience. If you need advice and support within this areas, please contact me!

Project Moderation

In almost all sectors where large projects are carried out, it is customary to position a very experienced external expert as the responsible technical project manager and multi project manager. As this external project manager, I bring expertise and best practice experience from other projects. In this way, I assume the Dispatcher's outstanding role in concurrent tasks, checking and monitoring compliance with agreements and plans, and evaluating change requests and plan deviations.

Important for a successfully running project is a sufficient and objective result monitoring by a neutral and independent arbitrator. With diplomacy and sensitivity, I mediate between the conflicting parties in a project. If you see a need in your project, please contact me!

Program Management

Strategic initiatives and extensive projects are made up of a large number of projects that often have complex content, time and resource-related dependencies. A successful transformation of such projects requires the collection and coordination of projects on the basis of a holistic view.

Today, these challenges are being implemented in companies of varying degrees. Program management is an organizational concept that specifically addresses the management of these challenges.

Global Standards as Best Practice frameworks have been developed by major international institutions, underline the importance of program management, and can also help your organization prioritize a wide variety of projects. If you see a need in your company, please contact me!

We help you to implement strategies and concepts consistently, quickly, and safely.
Together we will create a competitive and technological edge for you and your company.

Our Quality Claim

Successfully completed projects are the best proof of good consulting. Together with my business partners, I can realize highly demanding projects that are always characterized by quality, loyalty and structure. Below I have listed some clients and job descriptions.

Fast adaptation in IT management and processes to new market conditions for your commercial success.

With partners to success

My work is based on strong partnerships. Quality and transparency have the highest priority in order to write success stories with the joy of teamwork.

Rethinking IT and developing solutions that have not been considered so far are our strengths - Work smarter not harder!

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